Run Django Migration with AWS Copilot

March 26, 2021

So you’ve set up Django with Copilot on Fargate. You’ve deployed your environment, now you need to run migrations. How to do it?

Well it wasn’t really possible until a few weeks ago, when Copilot relaesed a new feature called exec.

Previously, I could only run tasks which would run in their own siloed containers. With exec, I can run commands and tasks in my running Docker container!

In my case, I have a Django instance running as a Load Balanced Web Service, deployed by AWS Copilot into my test environment.

To run migrations, I can jump into the running service and execute the migration:

copilot task exec --command "python migrate"

If you want to jump into the container to have a peek around, you can simply run:

copilot task exec

You then have full command line access to the container.

In case you hit an error I hit when I first ran this:

Found only one deployed service core-api in environment test
Execute `/bin/sh` in container allen-core-api in task xxx.
✘ Failed to execute command /bin/sh. Is `exec: true` set in your manifest?
✘ execute command /bin/sh in container core-api: execute command: AccessDeniedException: User: arn:aws:sts::xxx is not authorized to perform: ecs:ExecuteCommand on resource: arn:aws:ecs:us-west-1:xxxx

The answer is right there in the error, you need to set exec: true in your manifest. So be sure to do that:

# Configuration for your containers and service.
  # Docker build arguments. For additional overrides:
  build: ./Dockerfile
  # Port exposed through your container to route traffic to it.
  port: 8000

cpu: 256       # Number of CPU units for the task.
memory: 512    # Amount of memory in MiB used by the task.
count: 1       # Number of tasks that should be running in your service.
exec: true

You will also need to redeploy your service to update the manifest:

copilot svc deploy

This should allow you to run migrations, or any other mutating executions that need to occur outside of the initial container launch scripts.

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